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Internet Options in %stateName%: Deciding Your Internet Future

%stateName% is home to many different types of Internet providers, which may make it hard to choose one particular ISP.

Some of the types of Internet service in Kansas include cable Internet providers, which use your cable line, dial-up Internet providers, which go through your phone line, satellite Internet providers which use satellites, and DSL providers, which use a separate phone line.

Deciding what works best for you

Sometimes the easiest way to make a decision is by weighing the pros and cons.

Cable Internet pros and cons

One of cable's greatest assets is that it can provide fast speeds by going through your cable lines - which means that your phone line isn't tied up.

Cable Internet speeds aren't affected by your distance from the ISP operation center.

Cable Internet comes at a higher price than dial-up Internet and DSL. Also, because cable companies have multiple Internet users in the same areas, bandwidth is shared. That means that if a lot of people are trying to get online, you might have slower Internet speeds.

Fiber optic Internet pros and cons

Fiber optic Internet providers have one distinct advantage over the rest of the field: super-fast speeds. A fiber optic network can often provide speeds that surpass cable, and on a more consistent basis.

However, fiber optic Internet is still a newer Internet technology, and it isn't available everywhere in %stateName%.

Satellite Internet pros and cons

Satellite Internet has one of the greatest advantages of all Internet providers -- it is widely available. Most satellite Internet companies can provide service as long as you live in the contiguous United States. Satellite Internet leaves your phone line clear by employing the use of a network of satellites.

Satellite Internet can be one of the most expensive types of Internet, but it can provide speeds that are faster than those offered by dial-up and some DSL providers.

Dial-up internet pros and cons

Dial-up is a veteran when it comes to Internet. Unfortunately, its technology is more than a decade old.

Although dial-up Internet is cheap and widely available, the painfully slow speeds may be frustrating for people who wish to use the Internet for shopping or multimedia.

DSL Internet pros and cons

DSL Internet can typically provide faster Internet than dial-up and satellite Internet providers. A DSL connection also allows users to be online and make a phone call at the same time.

However, DSL is only available in areas with an abundance of phone lines, so rural areas usually can't get service. Also, the farther away from you live from the DSL provider's office, the weaker your transmission becomes.